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The chips are flying at the studio of Buck Island Bay Decoys with the role out of yet again another addition to the craft of Preserving Tradition. Besides the art of hand made waterfowl decoys and shorebirds the studio rolled out Mountain Man Basketry this past year turning out traditional Appalachian White Oak Baskets. Now artisan Richard Christy is venturing into the preservation of yet another dying art. Creations of Hand Hewn Dough Bowls and Woodenware. Currently being crafted in the studio are the Limited Edition Bateau Bowl Collection. These bowls are hand hewn and carved from native hardwoods harvested from the property where Christy resides.

Bateau’s are shallow narrow skiffs used primarily in the Bayou for transporting merchandise. Usually being maneuvered by poling the shallow bodies of water. The Bateau Bowl Collection takes on the lines and shape of these unique canoes. Each bowl are one of a kind in different sizes and lengths, no two alike. Most bowls are chipped carved on the exterior while others are smooth and each have a food grade sealer on the interior surfaces safe for food. In addition to bowls the studio is producing hand carved chop stixs, coffee measures and kitchen utensils.

UPDATE:  The studio will be participating in the upcoming Arts for Gifts being held November 15, 2014 thru December 31, 2014 at the Staunton Augusta Art Center 20 S. New Street, Staunton, VA. The art gallery will be transformed into an artisan retail gallery for shopping during the Holiday Season.

Sixty Five juried artisans were selected to participate in this years event by jury selection. It will be the place to shop for those unique gifts, so plan on attending.

So with the expansion into other mediums with the addition of Dough Boy, hand hewn bowls-n-such and Mountain Man Basketry, “its a basket case”. Buck Island Bay Decoys combined will become Buck Island Bay Mercantile at the studio level but will retain their original names in singular applications. If interested in visiting the studio you may contact the reservation office of Rock-n-Creek Cabin at 540-377-9383 or the studio at 540-377-9382. Drop us a line at or .

Rock-n-Creek Cabin will be host to several gatherings spring and summer of 2012 up on the mountain in Montebello, VA.  Events are currently in the works and dates will be forthcoming soon. We are calling all local musicians interested in participating. If interested, e-mail tell us about yourselves.

We have several different venues planned. Since Rock-n-Creek Cabin is Biker Friendly we will be having a bike specific event. The Mountain Crawl® will be planned around the biking community and will offer several guided rides through the scenic by-ways throughout the George Washington National Forest, Blue Ridge Parkway and surrounding areas. Along the route there will be planned stops of interest with a provided bagged lunch.  The afternoons and evenings will offer entertainment, campfires, food and camaraderie. This will be a camp-out style event. Rock-n-Creek Cabin will offer a complimentary bike wash area with all the supplies provided and maybe a few bike washing babes to Get R Done. Donations will be excepted for a local charity. Interested in a fun weekend riding, eating and chewing the fat,,, drop us a line and tell us what you think.

Arriving Saturday Febuary 11, 2012 a youth group from Elkridge, Maryland will brave the cold mountain temperatures at Rock-n-Creek Cabin. Fourteen youths ages 15-18 years of age and five adult chaperones will converge on the mountain for a weekend of extreme camping. Weather forecast for Saturday, High’s only reaching 33° and lows 15° and a fifty percent chance of mountain snow showers. Rock-n-Creek Cabin will serve as a safe haven for those that can’t bear the extreme and will offer warm and cozy beds.

Activities planned will be hikes to Crab Tree Fall’s, Blazing Campfires and Camp Food prepared by youths. Gourmet specialities such as Silver Turtles, Hot Dogs and S’Mores will be the featured eat’s. Youth’s will rally around a wagon train of tents and campfires for their evening events and stargaze into a clear star-lite night.  Just think how they react when they realize there is no cell reception, no texting or gaming for an entire weekend. This will be interesting and I will post a follow up blog.

Rock-n-Creek Cabin Cookbook In The Making !!

Thursday, February 2, 2012 @ 08:02 PM

Coming soon and available to the public. Rock-n-Creek Cabin cookbook a creation of over 30 years accumulation of personal recipes from Richard Christy,Certified Executive Chef. The cookbook will feature recipes from Homey Comfort Foods to Five Star Eateries to International Cuisine. Each recipe is time tested and created for establishments over the course of Chef Christy’s career.  The cookbook will also feature a section called Cabin Guest, Family and Friends. This section will be filled with recipes submitted by guest who have stayed at

Rock-n-Creek Cabin, recipes from my family including, my mother and grandmother and close friends. It will feature over 300 recipes that will thrill your pallet. For those Family,Friends and Guest  who have not yet submitted their recipes but would like inclusion in this great little cookbook holler back soon. For those interested in a copy contact me at contact

There is something for everyone on The Montecello Artisan Trail meandering through Nelson and Albemarle Counties. Year round we are always looking for something different and interesting to do. Check out this great trail made up of Craft Artisans, Agri-Artisans and Craft- Related venues. Check out to see all that this trail has to offer. Along the trail there are Wineries, Breweries, Artisan Studios, Restaurant and Lodging. Rock-n-Creek Cabin and Buck Island Bay Decoys are destinations on the trail. So give me a call, get in or on your vehicle of choice and head on up the mountain and take a gender. Help spread the word and like us on facebook.