Extereme Camping ! Maryland Youth Group Bears Winter Temperatures at Rock-n-Creek Cabin

Friday, February 10, 2012 @ 04:02 PM

Arriving Saturday Febuary 11, 2012 a youth group from Elkridge, Maryland will brave the cold mountain temperatures at Rock-n-Creek Cabin. Fourteen youths ages 15-18 years of age and five adult chaperones will converge on the mountain for a weekend of extreme camping. Weather forecast for Saturday, High’s only reaching 33° and lows 15° and a fifty percent chance of mountain snow showers. Rock-n-Creek Cabin will serve as a safe haven for those that can’t bear the extreme and will offer warm and cozy beds.

Activities planned will be hikes to Crab Tree Fall’s, Blazing Campfires and Camp Food prepared by youths. Gourmet specialities such as Silver Turtles, Hot Dogs and S’Mores will be the featured eat’s. Youth’s will rally around a wagon train of tents and campfires for their evening events and stargaze into a clear star-lite night.  Just think how they react when they realize there is no cell reception, no texting or gaming for an entire weekend. This will be interesting and I will post a follow up blog.

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