Buck Island Bay Decoys introduces Mountain Man Basketry

Friday, December 2, 2011 @ 10:12 AM

New creations are being made at the studio of  Buck Island Bay Decoys with the introduction of Mountain Man Basketry. Rock-n-Creek Cabin inkeeper Richard Christy an accomplished Certified Executive Chef and veteran Decoy Carver expands his artisan creativity with his new venue Mountain Man Basketry. Traditional and functional baskets are hand dyed and woven using traditional methods.

Baskets are created in old styles once used in everyday life by mountain folk of the Blue Ridge. Natural materials of oak splits, reeds and naturally shed antlers are used in some of Christy’s orginal creations. Wild grapevine, Honeysuckle and Virginia Creeper are also incorporated in utile creations.

Look for the opening of the Mountain Man Basketry online store currently being developed at www.rockncreekcabin.com. Baskets are available for sale at  Buck Island Bay Decoy studio. Contact studio at 540.377.9382 or office at 540.377.9383 for information.

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