Blue Ridge Parkway Loops

Enjoy views from any of several scenic overlooks along the parkway. The 22-mile ride begins at Royal Oaks Cabins in Love (Milepost 16) and goes south to Tye River Gap and back. For the 40-mile ride described in the
cue sheet below, begin at the same point, but head north to Milepost 0 at Afton Mountain. At this point, take the optional loop through the small hamlet of Afton, home of the legendary Cookie Lady, a weary cyclist’s best friend.

0.0 – R Route 814
0.2 – L Blue Ridge Parkway (scenic overlooks into Shenandoah and Rockfish Valleys)
16.2 – L on exit to reach Route 250 East
16.3 – R Route 250 East (Rockfish Gap Tourist Information, long downhill, country store)
19.1 – R Route 750 (Bike Centennial’s Route 76)
20.9 – R Route 6 in Afton (home of the legendary Cookie Lady on your right, just across railroad

22.3 – L Route 250 (watch traffic)
23.5 – R on ramp to Blue Ridge Parkway and Shenandoah National Park
23.6 – L on Blue Ridge Parkway
39.6 – R Route 814
39.8 – Return to Royal Oaks

For Mountain Bikes
0.0 – From milepost 16 Blue Ridge Parkway – cross the Parkway onto Route 814
Right onto Route 56 to North Fork – follow it back to the Parkway
Right onto the Parkway back to milepost 16