Personal chef at your service

Since you have chosen this mountain oasis for your traveling pleasure, why not consider having a personal chef prepare your meals in the privacy of your own cabin during your stay?

Take a walk, read a book, relax, take a nap. Free yourself from the hassles and worries of shopping and meal preparation.

Maybe you would enjoy the personal and visual effects of having your chef pamper you with culinary delights. You may choose from the menu or create as we go.

A simple consultation clarifies your likes and dislikes and any special needs you or your guest(s) may have. Meals are prepared in your cabin and served at the appropriate times decided by you. Depending on food preparation and time schedule, some foods may be prepared ahead of time as to cut down on actual preparation time by the guest or chef.

Prices of meals are determined and charged accordingly. An additional service fee is added to the final cost for preparation, travel and shopping.

Breakfast: Food & Beverage Cost plus$125 service fee.

Lunch/Brunch: Food & Beverage Cost plus $135 service fee.

Dinner: Food & Beverage Cost plus $200 service fee.

Any additional incidentals will be added to final cost.

NOTE: Personal Chef-At Your Service should be discussed at time of reservation by telephone. Please contact our reservation line 540-377-9383. Restrictions may apply. CANCELLATIONS must be made 72 hours in advance of arrival by telephone. Less than 72 hours all charges apply and a cancellation fee will be charged.